Friday, October 21, 2011

'Snapper': It wasn't until long after I had written this, that I realised that it is, perhaps, a better and more straightforward version of the story behind the 'Blow Up' movie. When I first saw 'Blow Up' at the cinema in 1967, mainly to see The Yardbirds cameo, and Jeff Back smashing his guitar; I walked out thinking, "What the hell was that all about?"
But again, this story began with pictures in the minds' eye of Snapper picking up Ginny from a location not far from here. The French young woman named Giselle, came into it after a work colleague told me that he had been to a striptease club in Swanage (Dorset), and had met and watched a mutual female work colleague, strip. An attractive French woman, anyway, the whole factory would have given a months pay to see her disrobe, so I used my imagination, and had her doing so in the story.
Killing off imaginary local MP's was a pleasure, as was revealing their clandestine bedroom activities. Another tale which was a joy to write, and a joy for you to read, I am sure.