Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Deal Gone Down': Is sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll personified - the front cover says it all in one great illustration. (As a sidebar, the covers for Deal Gone Down, Audrey's Story, Dark Eyes, Snapper, and AfterShock are by Sanne Glissov, Joe Petagno's wife).
Most of the Deal Gone Down story actually happened in this area, in a round about way, where a detective was involved in a cannabis farm, and used his job and police intelligence to keep the growing unit off of the radar.
Vicky Robertson's work was also taking place on an industrial estate in the locality, so it was only the rock band, Skellington Bones, who were fictitious, but based on a local band who were playing the area heavily at the time of writing.
I still love this story, based in the town of Poole and the surrounding area, it's possible to walk the streets and follow the chapters, much like a Stieg Larsson Millennium Tour of Stockholm, if anyone wished to do so.
The synopsis on Amazon lays the ground bait, I can only hope that you get hooked.