Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Audrey's Story': Was written from my mother's perspective, as if note books had been found with her story of Upton during World War II detailing her story of those times. It leads up to D-Day, when a couple of thousand American troops which had been billetted in Upton for several weeks before, suddenly went, by boat and glider, in a matter of a few hours.
Times were hard then, and Upton, with 3 munitions factories, bridges, Poole Harbour, and a main arterial crossroads, despite being in the country, was a busy target.
The bridge on the cover is one of two, half a mile down the road from here, and still taking trains from Weymouth to London Waterloo and back several times a day.
This was great to write, and also to remember the stories which I was told about wartime Upton, as a child and young adult.