Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Are Not Amused: It seems there are several younger generations, of which some member's of my family unfortunately belong, who have not learnt one of the most basic equations in life: cold weather = put on more clothes = stay fit and well.
Their take on it is cold weather = walk around dressed in summer clothes = influenza; with which they then infect the rest of the family.
Despite warning them every year that illness will follow, it seems as if this is a competition, and the butt of a great deal of peer pressure especially amongst school kids in appearing 'hard' by saying 'No, it ain't cold,' when there's frost on the car windscreen and they're in shirtsleeves, and 'No, it ain't raining' when they're walking to school drenched with a mac or top coat they refuse to wear at home on a coat hook.
Pointing this out during an episode of Poirot, when that generation appeared to dress correctly for the appropriate weather; I said, 'Look, they knew how to dress;' to which the reply was shrugged shoulders and 'So?'
We don't grow older trying to be a Victor Meldrew, we just become one from the exasperating circumstances and idiocy the younger generations throw at us.