Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Freezing My Bits Off: Always a cold mortal anyway, in my youth I attended Kingston Maurwood horticultural college in nearby Dorchester. Out in the walled garden layering a cherry tree, after an hour or so Mr. Jones, our lecturer said; 'We had better spend ten minutes in a greenhouse to warm up, Mr. Burridge has turned blue.'
Now, having to take Warfarin every day, this thins the blood and makes things even colder. Yes, it's my choice to get up and drive the fanzines to the largest post box in the area in the cold and dark whilst I can park virtually right beside it, (so that I don't have to carry them too far, and they all go in), but this morning was our first this winter for frost. So the windscreen etc had to be de-iced before going, but it's always a great drive with little or nothing on the roads other than the odd hungry fox or perhaps a badger here and there; and as of 0545 the 86th fanzine was in that post box, and is now on its way to you.
As an end of tour update. I heard from Mick Stevenson that the Hammersmith show had its regular 'extra song' with 'Orgasmatron' being added to the set; and Wurzel, and Lemmy's son, Paul were guests on 'Overkill.'
Lemmy also joined Girlschool for 'Please Don't Touch' and no doubt had many a fan who was in the bar or one of the local pubs cursing as they missed it. The Wolverhapton date the day after held the surprise I had imagined would happen at Hammersmith, when Lemmy joined The Damned onstage for 'Neat, Neat, Neat.' Having forseen their song together perhaps as 'Ballroom Blitz,' MHB Darren Hooley mentioned he had heard that song being soundchecked during the afternoon when we met at the Swindon show; obviously a red herring.