Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ode To The Whipper-Snapper: History repeats itself: fact. It has to. And at some point an older person would have been looking at me as some young whipper-snapper with a Mrs; kids and a mortgage, swimming against lifes' tide as we do. Now, as an older person, the swim hasn't become that much easier, although the tide isn't quite so strong.
But now, virtually everyone surrounding me are the young whipper-snapper's of today, coping with life just as I did yesterday: doctors, dentists, police, the fire brigade; even the postman; and they're all young and they all look upon me as being old. Well, I beg to differ; older rather than just old.
And our postman is a young and smiling chap who once had long hair and then had it shaved off. Presumably, hair is no longer 'in,' and females' prefer touching shiny flesh with bristles rather than the thatch nature gave us to keep our head warm? But he wears a wooly hat or his regulation cap to compensate, and when they were striking recently, the streets missed them pedaling their bicycles around.
And although those strikes were not about pay, at one point they were, and our postal people were throwing their toys out of the pram because they said business had suffered due to the high usage of email and texts.
Well, no; my bank nor my insurance company would agree, as I get mountains of junk mail from both despite going paperless with my statements, and not requiring the drivel my insurer's send, anyway.
But the postal service isn't really suffering due to email, texts or the internet, and if they say they are, well, surely the everything sold on EBay which is sent by post (and Parcel Force) must compensate?
The thing is with these young whipper-snapper's, you see, is that they think we're old and by the same token, stupid. So the next time you postman feel a strike coming on, have a look at the pre or post-tax profit your company has made, and then shut up; you've lost nothing!