Friday, November 13, 2009

Not Been Idle: The 24 hour round trip by rail to the first English gig on the 'No Sleep 'til Russia' tour in Plymouth was excellent and well worth every minute.
It's nice to be back home, but things didn't stop to allow a rest as I wanted to slide a quick review of the show into the 86th fanzine and get it up together and to the print shop. This has been achieved, and will be ready for collection towards the end of the month for mailing out to you MHB's across the globe.
There is the latest MHB's exclusive T-shirt offer on page 3, so let's hope you've got a few quid left from indulging in the fine Tour Merchandise on sale at the gigs you'll be going to. The merch stall at Plymouth was doing brisk business during the time I spent sitting nearby having a welcome cup of tea before the gig.
Should be back to the Blog on Monday.