Friday, November 06, 2009

No Transport Of Delight: When my kid's were born, they were driven home in the car. Nothing odd in that, really. But since then, along with subsequent family outings essential in getting through life, neither of them have suffered or even felt queazy from travel sickness.
Conversely, presumbly because families didn't have cars when I was a nipper, I would be ill regularly on the 3 mile bus ride from Upton to Poole, and then ill again on the journey home. This eventually reached such a level of absurdity, that we often walked into town so that the illness was only suffered one way.
In retrospect, I should have been nicknamed 'The Barley Sugar Kid,' as Mum always had a some in her handbag; and life would be filled with dread when she offered me one, because I knew that a journey was iminent, and sucking those sweets was supposed to help stop travel sickness. And I said 'supposed to' there for a reason, as doing so was nothing more than 'an old wive's tale' and didn't always work; and even to this day I cannot stand the thought, never mind the sight of barley sugar sweets.
"He'll grow out of it," the Doctor said; and I did, to a degree, when I passed my test and started driving, because thinking about everything involved in getting from A to B took my mind off being ill; so I wasn't. However, this was not foolproof, because if someone offered a lift, sitting in the back seats made me feel ill again. It must be something to do with the scenery rushing past the side window, as sitting in the front passenger seat where the scenery approaches has no 'ill' effect (sorry for the pun).
But regarding my kids, I thought that with just about everyone owning a car these days there would be no more travel sickness; and that it had been banished into the 'It Doesn't Happen Any More' file in lifes' sufferances.
No such luck!
There are still people who get travel sickness whether they drive or are passenger, or so I was informed recently. This I found difficult to believe, especially if they are actually the driver, as it had been that step which had eradicated my own.
But what works for one person might not necessarily be the panacea for everyone, and I should have guessed that the problem hadn't been conquered yet, because those packets of travel sickness tablets, and the barley sugar sweets, are still on sale at the chemists.