Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lemmy The Movie: Greg and Wes, who have been filming Motorhead gigs as well as interviewing people closely associated with the band for some time now, flew over to include footage from the world's greatest rock venue, Hammersmith Odeon. They also moved on to include the Wolverhampton show. They are now looking at the completed film being relesed in 2010, which, more by luck than judgement is Motorhead's 35th Anniversary anway. It has taken longer than anticipated as the two guys are self-financed, and there is no huge business empire behind them with vaults full of cash to help them out, so this is the reason why it seems to have taken such a long time to be released.
Around the world there must be miles of footage of Motorhead both live and in interview which they could have used, but it's a case of finding it, then getting the appropriate agreements for release etcetera, so they thought it best to just start from scratch and just do their own thing.
There is no doubt that our patience will be rewarded when it is finally released.