Friday, November 27, 2009

Killed By Death: Is that what they call a mixed metaphor? Only Lemmy could think of that one, and did, rather like the million crime writers' who didn't think a character like Dr. Harold Shipman could exist, so they never dreamed up a plot like that and have lived to chew their biro in extreme regret ever since. It is a classic title, and it is a classic song.
So here we are almost at tours' end, well, for the UK leg, anyway, and with a day's rest after Portsmouth the doorstep Bournemouth International Centre gig is here.
Motorhead played this venue on the Alice Cooper / Joan Jett tour a couple of years ago, and now they're back headlining in the 2,200 capacity Solent Hall, which, apparently, used to be the swimming pool section of the complex; but I'm sure the band's sound waves will make up for the lack of watery ones.
Hammersmith tomorrow, which wasn't originally on my itinerary, but now is, so if you see me we can have a quick chat.