Friday, December 11, 2009

After Battling Off: a cold / sore throat earlier in the week today it seems to have returned with the proverbial vengeance; and probably a mutation of the flu-like virus our son has been down with.
So feeling stodgy and disinterested, I cheered myself up with some of my favourtie 'fast' rockers, which I am unable to incude clickable links to here because they still don't work.
But, please enjoy them by going to You Tube and typing in:-

Dave Edmunds Sabre Dance (the version he does at a festival in Spain with the big semi-acoustic guitar is best).

Juicy Lucy Who Do You Love (boring, but pick the original with the record going around and round, they can't do it live these days anywhere near as good).

Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench

Motorhead Burner

The Nice Rondo (the fairground ride film with the original album version is best).