Thursday, December 03, 2009

What Is All The Fuss: About someone finding (and selling, for big $Bucks), an old silent 8mm home movie film of Marilyn Monroe taking just one drag from a spliff? It's like she's committed heresey. Perhaps back in the 60's it was a bigger deal, but today, despite the stuff still being illegal, it's not headline-grabbing, is it? If you log on to Mick Farren's Doc40 blog you can see the clip, and she blows the smoke straight out, no inhalation.
It's just headlines, and as we have spoken of before, it's much the same today with the relentless front page non-stop nonsense about Kate 'Jordan' Price's life and relationship. Do we really care? And I am sure her 'poor kids' were fine whilst their mother was in the jungle; worth £8million, I think the kids must have had the best of the best care and attention. And although their mother was away for however long, if they're like most kids, myself included, I was pleased when I was left with grandparents or whoever, because I had my own way and enjoyed loads more sweets than usual.

Apologies again for the confusion (mine) over the closing date for the fan club T-shirt; IT IS January 31st 2010 as detailed in the fanzine. Somehow I read it wrongly.