Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Very Ashamed To Admit: that after attending gigs at Plymouth, Swindon, Portsmouth and Bournemouth on the Motorhead tour, the staff at Bournemouth's BIC venue are the rudest, most arrogant and disrespectful of all.
They were exactly the same on the Alice Cooper / Motorhead / Joan Jett date a couple of years ago, and it happens across the board, as my son also agreed with my views from his experiences at the venue.
Most venues allow punters ten minutes to quarter of an hour to have a quick chat about what they have just seen and gather themselves to leave the building. This is a great idea, because with all things being equal, (like that pre-recession Egg Credit Card advert), there is a veritable stampede of people trying to leave the venue quickly to get a bus, taxi, or just get home quickly for whatever reason.
Is this down to the kind of people the BIC employ, or is it a directive from management; but they most definitely get the Award for the worst venue in the UK for employing gruff, ignorant staff as far as I am concerned.