Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Despite The United Nations Climate Change Conference: being held now in Copenhagen, there are no governments who really want to upset the population with too much change too soon; as it would lead to further unemployment.
And although no one can expect every letter sent to a local newspaper to be published; mine certainly ignored this, which I sent them on November 5th:
We Are Our Own Enemy!
So tragic to hear the news yesterday about the five soldiers killed by someone whom they had assumed was an ally.
Unfortunately, this cowardly modern-day warfare has taken the place of the 'old fashioned' man-to-man fighting, when the uniform designated if a soldier was friend or foe.
Almost without exception, virtually every war mankind has ever fought has been in the name of Religion, and it will, apparently, never stop. Surely God, in whatever shape or form, would never condone the killing of other Human Beings; when supposedly He placed us here to enjoy His planet; not fight over it!
By now, every race, colour and creed should have stopped fighting, and realised that we just have one common 'enemy;' and that is Time. We need now to settle any differences and join together to fight the one war which everyone seems to have ignored; the Battle To Save Planet Earth; and the Time we have left to try and win that battle is running out faster than any of us realise.