Monday, November 07, 2011

'Thunder In A Bottle': I am rather proud of my book titles, and this is no exception. I always run them as a search on Amazon to make sure that there are not dozens of others the same. To my surprise, there were not, and it came about, as usual, by accident rather than design.
My son and I were talking about something which happened where he works, and like most work environments, there are maybe 5 or 6 people involved, which contains any situation, and I said "its a bit like thunder in a bottle."
So that's where the title came from, as this story is about 3 next door neighbours, (7 people interacting, mostly), and a situation arises, and is contained mainly within the vicinity of those 3 properties.
Of course, as with all neighbours, they know one another, and say Hello when necessary, and have a chat now and again. But a situation arises when an outside source comes into play, which causes them to strengthen their relationships by working together, and of course, the inevitable fatalities take place, simmering it into a boiling point of another excellent and page-turning Burridge story.