Monday, February 08, 2010

The Green Mile: An excellent gig on Saturday evening with Voodoo Vegas and UK Guns 'n' Roses. 45 minutes of Sunday was spent writing up the gig for Kyps' website, much of the remainder, proof reading.
There was a Link on a site I can't even remember now, to an agency who, (yes, we've heard it all before), didn't ask for any money, but just make it (for the writer) by selling their story and getting it published. So I'm giving it a try out of pure cussedness to find out if they keep their word? So I brushed up a past story just in case I'm 'lucky enough' to be asked to send one. It may not get that far, the agency was in America and might not like my decidedly British characters and locations, but if so, I can't see why - we enjoy Stephen King's, John Grisham's, etc, etc stories set in the States; so why not vice-versa?
Much as I love my grandchildren, their TV programmes have become as miserable to watch as everything else. There are only so many times Mr. Tumble can raise a smile from a 58 years old despite his skills at entertaining and deaf-signing, so I tuck myself in here reading or writing. (In a few weeks, the lawnmower will take up the time!)
Evening viewing was as dire as ever, so again, out of pure cussedness, I gave 'Fat Families' a try. Much as I disagree with such programmes as I cannot see why television should show other people's abject stupidity as a way of teaching them a lesson, or pointing out that yes, they eat too much or spend too much money; but it was about all there was on offer. With 'Beat The Bailiff' and 'The Bank of Mum & Dad,' (know all about that one), highlighting the perils of the credit card, (we've all been there, too, fortuntely ours is now past tense), but is it good television?
'Fat Familes' was amusing. The 3 kids enjoyed the fast foods as much as Mum and Dad, but... After a breakfast of toast and cereals, Dad took the kids to school, and bought a McDonald's on the way home. He and the wife ate that, and it wasn't just a small portion. Can't remember what went on at lunchtime, but dinner with the 3 kids was about £40 worth of Indian takeaway. Then, when the kids were in bed, Dad drove the 1 minute journey to the petrol station, (a 10 minute walk which would have done him good), to buy crisps and chocolate bars to eat watching TV.
There was a news item about the 170kg man who ate 24 packets of crisps for elevenses, well, this chap ate 16 packets. They showed him the bottles of fat he ate in a year with that amount of crisps per day, and it shocked him / everyone. So much for the humble crisp, but they are the most expensive way of buying potatoes; bar none.
But with so many channels film makers have to make films about something, and for some strange reason, as mentioned before, Discovery Shed is kind of interesting. Shed's are great things, I have always had one, and it's far more pleasant watching a couple of blokes handy with tools repair/build a shed than someone who's eaten too much losing weight, or those who spanked the credit card get financially straight. They have themselves to blame, shed's are blameless.
So, at about 9 'o' clock I started watching The Green Mile. Why? Well, it's a damned good film, that's why. But there's a copy on the DVD shelf you could have watched. But you don't, do you. It just sits there year after year and we watch it again when it's shown on the TV.
Human beings, eh, what are we like?