Sunday, January 31, 2010

ITV4 Darts: Paul Nicholson beat Mervyn King 13-11 in the final last evening. It had been close with Taylor Beating Phil Jenkins 8-7 when both players were down to the deciding double. Much the same happened with the Taylor Nicholson match, with Nicholson winning 8-7.
Phil Taylor has enjoyed a magnificent career and achieved more accolades than any other sports person. But it was becoming somewhat boring when he won anything and everything. I bet the bookies are rubbing their hands today.
Congratulations to 'Bad Boy' Paul 'the acid' Nicholson, I always liked his image even though the crowd tended to take it too seriously. It had to come, new and younger players are hungrier for the glory, and the out-shots Nicholson was shooting were magnificent.

Mervyn King's 'walk-on' theme is Motorhead's 'King Of Kings' which was originally a Triple-H walk-on theme, but it suits the darts world just as well.

There are 6 Summer Festival dates noted on - more to follow.