Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 'Eartha Kitts' Were No Fun: Several wards were closed recently at Poole Hospital with a D & V bug but whether Mrs. B brought it home? It wasn't pleasant by any stretch, but then they're not supposed to be, are they.
It seems to be trendy today in trying to apportion blame for bugs and colds and suchlike, and whilst I am not scrupulously clean, (is anyone 100%?), the petrol pump is my worst enemy. Whilst they provide plastic gloves they're a pig to get out of the thing they're housed in, and worse to try and get on. So the paper towel is a favourite in avoiding all sorts of dreaded lurgi whilst filling the petrol tank.
Door handles are also a known favourite for germ carrying, but how else can we get in or out of wherever? A lot of bugs are airborne, too, and whatever we do during a lifetime we're bound to pick up a few along the way. If we didn't, we wouldn't be human; and I'm just grateful; if indeed there is anything to be grateful about, that I only suffered the D but not the V.