Monday, January 11, 2010

Better To Write Twaddle: than nothing at all. So said Anne Franke or another diaryist quoted roughly as such last evening on a Mariella Frostrup programme, (part 2 next Monday on BBC 4 - I think?), titled 'Dear Diary.' Tracy Beaker and Adrian Mole author's Jacqueline Wilson and Sue Townsend were also featured amongst others.
The quote above, as far as the writer is concerned, is true. Some speak of 'writers' block' but the cure, apparently is 'just keep on writing and it will clear.'
Rather than writers block I think it's more along the lines that any ideas which come to mind seem as if they're crap, so rather than writing crap, writers' just don't write and then say they're 'blocked.'
The effort I have been working on over Xmas and the New Year is now complete, but needs checking through several times before sending out. Everything prior to 2005 of mine was written on a cocktail of lager, SoCo and cigarettes. So I wondered if I would ever be able to write a minimum of 60,000 words sober and smoke-free as I am these days?
Apparently so.
Well, I am pleased with it, anyway, and it turned into something of an Agatha Christie with a cast of thousands, (well, five or six), who could be the serial killer.