Sunday, January 10, 2010

What A Joy: Just sitting here looking into the back garden, it's always a delight watching the birds. In summer, the Sparrows have a dust bath in the dust, of course; but now they're doing it in the snow.
Our pond brings in a lot of birds, in the past, unwanted Herons; but today a most welcomed Thrush. There have been stories that our Thrushes had / have almost become extinct due to the heavy use of slug and snail pellets by gardeners; so it was quite a joy to see. And despite it being frozen over, the water is still running and there is a hole in it for the fish to 'breathe,' and also for those birds to drink from the spout.

But we have escaped the snow quite well so far. Yes, it's out there, but only enough for the long winter growth of grass to be seen through it. The biggest problem are the slippery patches, mainly outside shops, whose staff say 'It's nothing to do with us' if you make a comment about it.