Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Between The Lines: of writing, the TV gave Stephen Fry in America where he met Mr. Wikipedia, which was interesting because it's a great and helpful site.
I never miss the X-Files anyway, but there was something else about 'Z-list stars' like Peaches Geldof, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, Judy & Richard's daughter etc; who have never done anything in their own right to be famous, but are nevertheless trying to be so. The problem is, unlike their parents, they have no talent, and can undertake precious little more than being TV presenters and/ or interviewers. Peaches, of course, is a paparazzi favourite when she flashes her drawers or whatever, but by and large, as the programme pointed out, they ought to stop sponging and get a proper job, because they're useless at whatever they're trying to do, anyway.