Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dreaded Lurgi Lurking For Xmas: With 2 doctor's visits and anti-biotics dished out on the 2nd visit to Mrs. B and number one son; the flu seems to have passed through this family at least. Mine wasn't so bad as theirs, but it floored me for a couple of days nevertheless. I'm just grateful the UK tour was early this year, it was far better travelling / gigging in the rain and wind than the freezing cold and driving in the ice and clearing windscreens etc.
We've got some darts on Sky and it makes me pleased we pay for it, we don't have the movies which makes it cheaper, if we need one we rent it. Even so, there is usually little to watch of any consequence, but last evening they had the 'Top Adverts of the Decade' and how they made them, which was interesting. Great to note my fave, the Hovis loaf advert, was No: 1.
A lot of folks like this 'freeview' box thing, but when there are some decent programmes, a rarity I know, they don't show them. A family friend was stalked a few year's back, and they made a programme about it, oddly enough called 'Stalker.' And although the victim and her family saw the finished documentary before it was aired, they couldn't watch it on the telly because they had Freeview. A full-length TV film has been made of their particular stalking, but it has yet to be shown here.
I honestly begrudge the £10 a week we pay Sky for the repeats of repeats of the drivel we didn't watch when it was first aired. How anyone can sit there and enjoy watching programmes about obese people losing weight is beyond me. How about doing one about skinny people like me putting on weight? Either or both would be about as interesting as watching paint dry.
There are so many TV channels now people like Sky are so desperate the film makers make films about anything. Such a pity they don't air some Motorhead, AC/DC, ZZ Top etc; but that would be no good would it, because it would be great viewing, and we're not used to it.
Progs like 'Fools And Horses' must be worn out by now, and the cast loaded from the re-run fees they're coining in.
Fortunately, Mrs. B is working over Xmas so I'll be enjoying 36 hours of virtual solitude - and I won't be spending it watching TV.