Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They have Always Been: in my life as they're a great place to keep things, but it was difficult to believe yesterday when I found the Discovery Channel had back-to-back programmes called 'Shed-Heads.'
These two young-ish blokes are on for a number of 30 minute sessions either building bespoke sheds from scratch, or repairing and renovating a shed which has seen better days.
It's fun to watch at the moment as the boredom factor of what it may become hasn't kicked in yet, but it was rather astounding to find that the TV giants are paying these chaps to make programmes about garden sheds. But it beats watching obese people losing weight, Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity; so let's not knock it, after all it is constructive.
Ex-Radio 1 DJ Simon Mayo had a series of programmes on a while back covering the people and the produce grown on allotments at locations in Wales and London. All the allotmenteer's have sheds, of course, and this one elderly Welsh lady was standing outside their shed saying: 'I really can't imagine what my Brian finds to do inside our shed, but he spends an awful lot of time in there.'
And I really can't imagine, either.