Tuesday, January 05, 2010

'All Pens Blazing - the Heavy Metal Writers Handbook': is the rather splendid title of a rather splendid book by Neil Daniels, who has interviewed every 'name' UK rock journalist you can think of - Geoff Barton, Steffan Chirazi, Dante Bonutto. Paul Brannigan, Carol Clerk, Malcolm Dome et al. and included them in it. (What a knockout title for a book, eh, why didn't someone think of that before? It's a bit like MHB Howard Roe's band, Knucklehead, who released a CD titled 'Greta's Tits;' it was there but no one thought to use it. Perhaps the secret word today is OBVIOUS.)
There are just under 70 of these 'rock journo's' interviewed in the book detailing their career and how they, by and large, 'just fell into it' and for us rock fans this is interesting stuff and well worth the tenner it costs.
The book is available through Amazon, Search -Neil Daniels - who has also written books on Robert Plant, Judas Priest etc.
Much to my surprise Neil emailed late last year to say that there was a 2nd Volume planned, and asked if I could take part in an interview for it detailing the Motorhead / Motorheadbangers fanzines, fan club, books written etc; and the last few evenings have been busy getting that together. It will be published later in the year and feature another 50 or so fanzine / rock writers; so mention will be given here and a link to buy on the opening website page, no doubt.