Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stieg Larsson's: Millenium Trilogy has now been completely read and digested. How to end such an amazing piece of fiction would have been difficult but essential; but Stieg was obviously happy with it and it seems to be the right one. Apparently he gave the publisher a 4th manuscript and synopsis for another 6 books. Presumably we will get the 4th at some point, but it won't be another The Girl Who tale or the trilogy would have been a quartet. Such a tragedy he did not live to write the others.

Stephen King's Blaze is reading well, and yes I can see it as a forerunner to The Dark Half as some have emailed to say - Brian Key in Kentucky and Paddy Campbell in Ireland for two of them - thanks.

The manuscript for the story written over Xmas and the New Year is at a publisher being considered.
Finger's crossed.
It's titled When The Clouds Have Passed.

Gary Moore Live In Dublin: Was shown on Sky Arts and was a great gig with Eric Bell, Scott Goreham and Brian 'Robbo' Robertson as guests.