Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waking The Dead: has returned and as usual it makes TV worthwhile again. During the commercial break in last evening's showing the Co-Op had an advert for their funerals.
It is the point of any advertising to make the public want what's on offer, or to go to Tesco rather than Asda etc; but funerals? Is the funeral business really that competitive to require advertising on TV? Perhaps we'll have a News headline: HEARSE HOLD UP A hearse was held up in the Blandford Road yesterday by a rival funeral director, and the coffin was transferred from one hearse to the other for onward transportation and interment.
After a road accident in which 6 people died, 4 local funeral director's were queueing up at the scene vying for trade, and a small skirmish broke out when police gave the job to the mortician who arrived 2 minutes later than a rival firm.
I thought I had seen it all.