Friday, February 05, 2010

The Sandstorms: Those of you who enjoyed my 'Bournemouth Rocks!' book may also like an 84 page A5 book by Roger Downton. Roger was lead guitarist with Bournemouth band The Sandstorms in the 50's and 60's, and this is a knockout memoir of those times.

'This book reveals the real buzzy life of a south coast rock band of the Duane Eddy, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Beatles era. It's a brilliant study of the aspirations of a group of young, eager teenagers who, with stars in their youthful eyes, and bags of drive, for a while, succeed to bring their burning ambitions of being a working rock group to fruition. The Sandstorms' book stirs many memories of those 'fab' times, and for those who weren't around, or are simply curious, it fills in the mystery of what it was like to be in a local band back then. It had to be written, and now it has.'

There are loads of photos and press clippings, and the Foreward is by Duane Eddy. £5-95 + postage.