Monday, June 30, 2008

Motorblog Motorizer On Pre-Order: The 'Motorizer' CD is now available for pre-order on Amazon at £11-99 + £1-24 postage, HMV at £8-99 post free and at £8-95 post free with the release date as previously verified as September 1st for the UK / Europe. Track listings are as Blogged here recently. The List Price for the album seems to be £15-99, and available as a Limited Edition Digipak CD and Gatefold Sleeve LP album.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Motorblog The Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show: on BBC 6 on July 11th will feature Motorhead as the Iron Maiden frontman's Special Guests. The show will also be available between 10pm and 1am BST on the Internet via
Thanks to Artyom Golew (1916) for the info.

Extra UK Tour Date Added: Motorhead play The Ambassador in Dublin on October 31st, MHB 2338 Paddy Campbell is overjoyed to tell us.

Limited Edition Photo Offer: Check the 'Latest News' Link on to see the Motorizer Official Band colour photo.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motorblog Motorheadbangers: will be thrilled to note that as from today, due to the marvels of modern technology, our Fan Club Certificate now has a Colour Photo of the band in preference to the Black & White images of old.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloatermog An Island Of Sanity In A Sea Of The Insane: Well, not quite insane, but merry with alcohol, and those whom imbibed the tobacco weed did so in a small marquee tent in the garden. Rain on Midsummer's Day was a friend to no one, but the 60th Birthday Party we attended forged on, nevertheless.
It was the first fully-fledged party attended since the Op, and likewise the first real occasion of being within a mass of people when no longer imbibing the weed or getting merry as prescribed medication, (and common sense), will not permit.
My fellow party-goer's can't be blamed for enjoying themselves, it's just an incredible anti-climax when one cannot join in, as one did of old. Yet this scenario is exactly where the politican's want us to go, and be, and act like in the future. Tobacco is virtually outlawed now and alcohol is fast becoming next in the firing line; both, along with cannabis and the other assorted illegals are the cause, or so they tell us, of the wayward younger generation.
But after 40 years of imbibing booze and ciggies, (and about 6 J's along the way), it is clear we are expected to end up as a world full of morons who feel exactly as I did last evening at the party. The thing is, though, what will we do when they have banned the booze, the fags and the drugs?
Have orgies?
Kill one another?
What will there be left for Joe Public and his family to do for enjoyment and relaxation in the soon-come Moron City the Government has planned for us?
Yes, I conversed with some great people, they on a wavelength only a memory for me now on this island of sobriety I now inhabit; and I found it a very strange place to be.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Motorblog Sheep In Wolves' Clothing - The Joke!: MHB 672 Tim Shockley sent me the news American EBay has a rarities seller with the Fan Club CD up for a starting bid of $39.99! That's around £20.00 - DOUBLE the price!
Of course, as the orders came through it was obvious some were for Internet record stores, and they couldn't be excluded, so things like this happen; but if someone is dumb enough to bid, win and pay...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Motorblog The Birthday Party: DVD seems to be yet another pirate release, and action is being taken to remove it from Amazon and
Although, rather like 'Live In Toronto,' most MHB's have this gig in one format or another, it would be great to have 'official' decent quality releases of both on DVD. The thing is with The Birthday Party on both Amazon and no manufacturer is listed, so this makes it a bit fishy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Motorblog Motorizer Album Track Titles: which MHB 1263 found:-
(Teach You How To) Sing The Blues.
Time Is Right.
We Are The Last.
Runaround Man.
English Rose.
Rock Out.
1,000 Names.
When The Eagle Screams.
Don't Die Ashamed.
Back On The Chain.
Buried Alive.

One Gig In France (so far):-
November 26th Zenith, Paris.

And the 2008 German Tour Dates:-
November 28th Philipshale - Dusseldorf.
November 30th Pier 2 - Bremen.
December 2nd Stadthalle - Offenbach.
December 3rd Jako Arena - Bomberg.
December 5th Messehalle - Dresden.
December 6th Schlayerhalle - Stuttgart.
December 7th - Zenith - Munchen.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Motorblog The Message Board: and other sources have brought the MHB's network alive with the news this Birthday Party DVD MAY NOT be as great as first thought; (perhaps a REAL Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?), and there is another release out there, and on Amazon, with the same cover which MHB's regard as a poor quality rip-off pirate copy.
With the release date for July 21st and the DVD also being featured on the HMV website for £7-99 including postage rather then Amazon's £8-24 plus post, the matter has been brought to Todd Singerman's attention. Watch this space for further developments.
Motorblog 'The Birthday Party' Out Soon!: have the presumably now 'Official' DVD release of Motorhead's 10th Anniversay Show, filmed on June 26th 1985 at Hammersmith Odeon, with a release date of 21st July 2008.
Only previously available on video or semi-bootleg DVD releases, it seems as if this is the real thing, AT LAST!
Dogged by legal disputes in its day as then manager, Douglas Smith wanted to release it on LP, but the band disagreeing as they believed the video was adequate and an album of the same tracks would be a rip-off, it seems now the time is right for us to finally enjoy this DVD elusive slice of fantastic Motorhead history.
With Iron Fist / Stay Clean / The Hammer / Metropolis / Mean Machine / On The Road / Killed By Death / Ace Of Spades / Steal Your Face / Nothing Up My Sleeve / (We Are) The Road Crew / Bite The Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than The Catch / No Class / Overkill / Bomber and Motorhead; this. along with 'Live In Toronto' has been the band's most sought-after release on DVD; and finally, or so it seems, it is here!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Motorblog Download Festival Band Interview: Found by Stu, MHB 2643

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Motorblog And About Time Too! Mr Kyps, have the Motorkill tribute band playing there in July with local faves, Voodoo Vegas. This is great, and the Motorkill My Space sounds impressive. Apparently they cover the Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil, Wurzel line-up, so some great songs and a knockout evening are promised.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Motorblog MOTORIZER: Looks like it was a typo and someone missed the 'R' off as the album art has now been released and can be viewed here: in all its Glory.
It's a great sleeve with the Heraldic Shield showing the War-Pig and the English, Welsh and Swedish emblems.
As far as I am concerned it can be released in a brown paper bag; it's the music and the 3 blokes making it that counts, but it'll look great on the Tour T-Shirts!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bloatermog 100 Soldiers' Dead!: But how can it be called a War? War was men going 'Over The Top' and fighting hand-to-hand, or shooting one another from a distance, not some 14 year-old kid walking up to the latest 3 casualties and blowing himself, and them, to smithereens. If there is such a thing as a God, or Gods, they wouldn't agree to man's inhumanity to man like this, (the actions, reputedly, taken in THEIR NAME), would they? But hey, the World has and is changing, but in a War Zone it must be Hell having to treat ALL the natives as The Enemy!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Motorblog News: section for June 4th states the new album will be titled 'MOTORIZE' rather than 'Motorizer' as previously Blogged; we must regard the imotorhead title to be correct as it is the Band's Official Site.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Motorblog The Website: Sarmad Sheikh has just uploaded the 500th Fan Tattoo photo in the 'Motorhead For Life' category of the site. Are there any other band's or artiste's out there with such Fan dedication?
Motorblog Lemmy Action Figure:
Motorblog RIP Bo Diddley: 79 years of age. His influence was immesurable.