Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloatermog An Island Of Sanity In A Sea Of The Insane: Well, not quite insane, but merry with alcohol, and those whom imbibed the tobacco weed did so in a small marquee tent in the garden. Rain on Midsummer's Day was a friend to no one, but the 60th Birthday Party we attended forged on, nevertheless.
It was the first fully-fledged party attended since the Op, and likewise the first real occasion of being within a mass of people when no longer imbibing the weed or getting merry as prescribed medication, (and common sense), will not permit.
My fellow party-goer's can't be blamed for enjoying themselves, it's just an incredible anti-climax when one cannot join in, as one did of old. Yet this scenario is exactly where the politican's want us to go, and be, and act like in the future. Tobacco is virtually outlawed now and alcohol is fast becoming next in the firing line; both, along with cannabis and the other assorted illegals are the cause, or so they tell us, of the wayward younger generation.
But after 40 years of imbibing booze and ciggies, (and about 6 J's along the way), it is clear we are expected to end up as a world full of morons who feel exactly as I did last evening at the party. The thing is, though, what will we do when they have banned the booze, the fags and the drugs?
Have orgies?
Kill one another?
What will there be left for Joe Public and his family to do for enjoyment and relaxation in the soon-come Moron City the Government has planned for us?
Yes, I conversed with some great people, they on a wavelength only a memory for me now on this island of sobriety I now inhabit; and I found it a very strange place to be.