Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Motorblog Winning Back Life by Minutes: So we reached the end of the avilable series of 'Lost' on DVD and have to wait until October for the next box set.
No problem there.
So we start watching Kiefer Sutherland in '24' which is a massive box set series taking place in 'real time.' This means exactly what it says, and even the three stops for the commercial break, or 'the fucking adverts' as I call them, are timed. And it is this, much like 'Lost,' which makes watching these things on DVD vs the TV broadcast, so alarming.
Both 'Lost' and '24' actually have an episode running time of between 39 and 41 minutes, subjecting us, (well, me, as it doesn't seem to bother anyone else), to twenty minutes of fucking adverts per viewing hour!
Twenty fucking minutes!!!
Now, is it my blood pressure tablets and lack of alcohol and nicotine doing my head in, but the adverts really wind me up. But not because they're adverts, because they are repeated with mind-numbing frequency! Every commercial break we get the same ones, (largely, insurance and loans; [Tess with her 'Picture' loan is the butt of the jokes where my wife works! "Josh, your father's just found your scooter!"] or abused children and pets), time and time again, grinding us down into gibbering idiots. (Much like the playlist on commercial radio when you're sitting in a factory for 8 hours). And yes, the volume IS higher during the TV adverts, (as someone wrote in complaining concurred, but this was denied by the Broadcasting Body), to ensure we hear them whilst we're making a pot / cup of tea in the kitchen!
Anyway, I'm pleased we have the box sets to watch with these series, as I'm winning back the 20 minutes of my life per hour I'd be wasting sitting through the fucking adverts, which, incidentally, I use the 'mute' button on if I do have to suffer them.
And, have you noticed, the hero in most of these thriller series and movies in general, are either named John or Jack?
Think about it, I'm not wrong...