Monday, July 30, 2007

Motorblog 'Motorhead' Motorhead: The album that saved Motorhead from extinction has been officially re-released - On Vinyl!
When I opened the package the smell of the 100% freshly pressed vinyl was like the return of a long-lost friend to my sensory perception - every record shop you used to walk into had this wonderful fragrance lingering within - and by Jimminy Cricket, when you get an album like this the nostalgia just comes flooding back.
So, you don't have a record player any longer?
Then you'd better get one again, 'cos the clean crispness of CD has gotten your ears used to that awfully sterile sound, THIS is how we listened to the old Chiswick album - and some!
But rather than me wittering on endlessly and having to type out the whole deal, click just to see the incredible package, (and a Limited Edition Package at that), you get when you order your copy!
And don't hang around...just in case...

Nice one Pilly!