Thursday, July 26, 2007

Motorhead Dates For November / December: The dates listed in the August fanzine have now been added-to, so this is the full itinerary:
November 20th Rodhal, Holland; 22nd Haus Ausensee, Leipzig, Germany; 23rd Stadthalle, Elmshorn, Germany; 24th Pier 2, Bremen, Germany; 26th MCB, Stuttgart, Germany; 27th Palladium, Koln, Germany; 28th Zenith, Munich, Germany; 30th Thuringenhalle, Erfurt, Germany.
December 1st E-Werk, Saarbrucken, Germany; 3rd Columbia Halle, Berlin, Germany; 4th Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark; 5th Spektrum, Oslo, Norway; 7th Nojesfabriken, Karlstrad, Sweden; 8th Liesbershallen, Gothenburg, Sweden; 9th Annexet, Stockholm, Sweden; 11th & 12th Jahalli, Helsinki, Finland; 13th Teatri, Oulu, Finland.