Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Motorblog: Da Vinyl Iz Da Fing: If you've dumped the record player, well, you'd better get a new one because vinyl is back!
Well, in Germany, it never went away, and if you collect Motorhead albums and didn't know this, you've missed out, because all their SPV albums have been released on vinyl there.
But, even as we speak, and reitterating my Motorblog journal entry from sometime back in April, No Balls Records have pulled off another perfect coup with their release of a 7" purple (poiple if you happen to be in America) vinyl, 4 track EP titled 'Ramones Solo Performances.'
Side 1: has 'Good Rockin' Tonight' as played by Lemmy Kilmister, Danny B Harvey, Slim Jim Phantom and Johnny Ramone plus 'Viva Las Vegas' as played by Danny B Harvey, Slim Jim Phantom and again, Johnny Ramone.
Side 2: has 'Cherry Bomb' by ex-Runaway Cherie Currie, the MC5's Wayne Kramer and Marky Ramone, plus 'Jump In The Fire' by Dee Dee Ramone.
The tracks are officially licensed from Cleopatra Records and the single is a Limited Edition pressing of 500 numbered copies, the first 100 in splattered vinyl. It's available from so, whether you have a record player or not, go get your copy right now!