Monday, July 09, 2007

Motordog Writing History Before It's Happened: Just got back from ordering the digipack edition of 'Better Motorhed Than Dead - Live' the 30th Anniversary double CD, from HMV, [out on Monday, July 16th, my wife Jane's Birthday!] (where Motorheadblogger, Jimmy - My Mate Marmite - ), recommended it's the cheapest, at £8-99 (well, what do you expect, HE IS a Scotsman!), which is including postage and thus saving us a lot of dosh.
Then I looked at it on Amazon to double-check the saving, only to see some guy had reviewed the album already!
Well, he was at the show, as I was, (and maybe you were?), so I thought, 'Fuck it! I'm gonna review it BEFORE it's released, too!' So it's on there, if ya care to look...So the both of us have kind of out-deja vu'd deja vu...