Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Motorblog Fanzine To Post Box This AM (Thursday 19th UK Time): For the August edition, this is early, I know, but there are reasons - the girls at my local (Upton) Post Office. A lot of our stamps are no longer stamps, they are printed labels, hence, Post Office's don't hold much stock of actual stamps any more. A supporter of my local PO, I get the Fan Club stamps there twice weekly and for the three big mail-outs per year as I like to think it helps as so many of the so-called 'village' Post Office's get closed down, supposedly due to lack of revenue or lack of use.
So, with this 'shortage' of stamps, they said I had to order them and it'd probably take a week to get them through, (what, in this day and age?) Ever keen to get the fanzine out on time, as it always is, I adjusted the printing to suit, (from mid-month delivery to collect at the end of the month, to start of month delivery to collect in the middle of the month), just in case. Well, I've accommodated my Post Office girls in this way three times now, and each time they haven't had to order the stamps, they've had them there on the day - somehow - European MHB's will notice they have no less than five stamps on their envelope - so that's how 'Somehow' works!
But this will change, as my girl's have clearly been giving me the runaround, (don't women always do that!), but I'll be reviewing the November 14th gig on the Autumn tour, so the December issue will have to be printed mid-month, like it or not, for end of month mail-out; but this time, it's earlier than early as a special summer treat for you.