Friday, August 03, 2007

Motorblog The Lytchett Minster & Upton Smoking Club: After reading August's edition of 'The Clarion,' our village, (well, they say we are now a town, but I'm not sure if this is decided via head count or number of dwellings?), magazine, there was something about The Lytchett Minster & Upton Wine Club meeting sampling some kind of wonderful blanc called 'Chateau Overkill' or whatever, and new members would be welcome to come along to join them.
Well, had my days of smoking still been active, I might have considered, in answer to this, starting a Lytchett Minster & Upton Smoking Club where, one month we would try Woodbines, another month Marlboro, and so on.
I find the song-and-dance people make about drinking wine and having their hoity-toity friends around to 'Try a glass' for an evening almost vomit-worthy, and now the smoking ban is in play, it would be great to get some of my salt-of-the-earth friends around to stick our fingers up at them to have a frightfully jolly good smoke.
Too late.