Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Motorblog Paul Hadwen RIP: Just heard from MHB Simon (Nomis) Baurley of the sudden passing of Paul Hadwen. Paul was the main instigator behind the original Motorheadbangers fanzines which he and Helen Taylor published through the early years of the Fan Club. Identified by the 'comic' style artwork which Paul drew in conjunction with MHB Chris Harris, these two artists gave those early fanzines a very distinctive and appealing style, which I for one admired very much.
Paul was also responsible for the 'comic strip' style artwork featured on the inner sleeve of the 'Another Perfect Day' album.
The last time I met with Paul personally was on the UK Hammered Tour, where he was busily drawing and then etching with a soldering iron the 'oak leaf' design on Lemmy's 'Rickenbastard' bass, gifted to him by Phil Campbell. Especially for Lemmy, Phil had a replica 'Rickenbacker' headstock plate made to read 'Rickenbastard,' hence, the guitar's name. (For reference, ironically, Lemmy is playing this guitar on the cover of the 'Better Motorhead Than Dead Live At Hammersmith' CD, and a close-up of it is featured on the cover of the insert booklet for the same album).
Whenever we met, Paul would ask: "Are you still writing those fan club envelopes by hand? That used to drive me fucking crazy!"
Paul also made a brief, backstage appearance in the Motorhead TV documentary, 'Live Fast - Die Old.'
Paul died of pneumonia and was found by a friend at his Leeds home last weekend; he was 50 years old.
Service will be at the Lawnswood Crematorium, Leeds at 15.40 on Friday, 3rd August.
Flowers were sent on behalf of the Fan Club.

Thanks to Nomis for his help.