Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Kronenbourg Ad:
is well worth playing again. Over the recent holiday break, I bumped into quite a few people who remarked how the advert took their breath away.
"Motorhead, playing acoustic?"
Right, so it achieved the desired effect, then.
The 10,000 downloads of the full song went pretty sharpish, too, so it's a good job we will be able to enjoy the Kronenbourg stuff on the DVD extras coming with the February release of 'The World Is Yours.'
And it seems a if the acoustic Ace, and the popularity of Whorehouse Blues both as an album track and a live encore show-stopper, have encouraged the band into thinking about recording an un-plugged album. It would be great if they did it as a one-off gig, too, and recorded it for DVD.
I mean, we couldn't have a full acoustic Motorherad tour, could we!
We need those decibels at least once a year, if not more, to retain our sanity.