Monday, January 03, 2011

Adrian Lewis - Gary Anderson: darts final this evening. It should be edge-of-the-seat-thrilling without Phil Taylor in it, where, by and large, the outcome would have been a foregone conclusion.
All power (no pun intended) to the man, but he took the rivalry and sportsmanship out of the game. What was the point in watching, knowing that he would always win? There was no fun in doing that any more, so with no malice intended, the game is the better this year for that reason.
And let's face it, Phil was the first darts' millionaire, so he's not going to miss the £100,000 runner-up, or £200,000 winners' cheque, is he.

And if you get bored during the day, don't forget to keep playing 'The World Is Yours' between watching the BBC2 darts from The Lakeside at Frimley Green.