Saturday, January 01, 2011

Phil Taylor Beaten: in the Sky PDC quarter finals by Mark Webster. Taylor's achievement must be admired, without question, but it became somewhat boring knowing that he would (15 times) win this tournament time after time. So, it's great seeing fresh faces and having new blood going for the big one.
Taylor was visibly annoyed, (chewing his dart flights frequently, and his face pale with abject annoyance), as Webster gradually trounced him, and he could see his 16th win fading away. But all power to Mark Webster, he kept at it, and his skill won through.
Despite Taylor being beaten numerous times in other matches lately, it's only the 2nd time I have actually seen him losing on TV.
Late last year, he played wearing glasses, and then did away with them. So maybe it's his age and failing eyesight, as well as his killer instinct, which needs attending to?

Darts on BBC2 began today, also, to keep TV interesting after the Sky final tomorrow.