Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lemmy The Movie: Went to see it at the Vue Screen 5 cinema complex yesterday, in Leicester Square, as part of the 54th BFI London Film Festival.
In true film festival tradition, film makers and producers, Greg Olliver and Wes Orshowski, walked on with one of the organisers to be introduced. After a few words, the film was shown, and Greg and Wes returned afterwards for a Q & A session with the audience.
After spending three and a half years following Motorhead on tour and interviewing relevant people, the film is obviously an absolute triumph. But some might say those words would be mine, and that anything about the band is great as far as I'm concerned.
Well, everything, particularly in the world of media, has its critics, but when you consider the oh so well-worn story that at the outset Motorhead could not get a record company to release their records, twice, hasn't Lemmy done well. He has achieved momentous acclaim and poked everyone in the eye by doing so. His prestige amongst his peers, as well as us fans, has never wavered, and this film is an excellent accolade to Lem's lifetime of never giving in or up.
Much like the band's 90 minute gigs, the 2 hours and a couple of minutes zipped by all too fast. But it covered all of Lem's bands, included some never-before-seen onstage photos of him looking very youthful with the Rocking Vickars, Hawkwind, (they even found Stacia), and through to Motorhead and also Lem's side-project, The Head Cat. They also caught him in the studio with Dave Grohl recording 'Run Rudolph Run' for its last year's Xmas album release.
All I can say is every Motorhead fan will love it, and it must have been so difficult trying to get 'the best of' his lifetime into 2 hours; (a quart in a pint pot if ever there was one), so isn't it a good job there will be 4 hours of 'extras' on the DVD when it's released on January 24th 2011.

Bumped into Jackie and Enid from Girlschool there, which was a nice, enjoyable bump.