Friday, October 22, 2010

The Full Kronenbourg TV Advert Is Here:
Thanks to my life-long buddy, Eric Billett, for finding and sending the link.

It should be shown on Channel 4/5 at 9pm Sunday.
The ad company have asked if MHB's can -
Help Kronenbourg create the ultimate ‘slowed down’ playlist. Win Motorhead tickets and other stuff signed by Lemmy himself. They’re compiling a playlist of the 10 best slowed down versions of fast songs – covers or original artists – that will run across different media in November as part of the campaign. So, let them know what you think the best slowed down versions of fast songs are. Just tweet your suggestions at @K1664slow ( to get involved. The first 20 suggestions will receive some great free stuff – including signed items from Lemmy and tickets to see Motorhead on tour in the UK in November.