Friday, October 22, 2010

Excuse Me For Asking: But it seems as if concerns about the ozone layer come and go much like fashion. One minute they're harping on about cutting down global emissions, and the next they're burning foot and mouth cattle corpses on fossil fueled funeral pyres.
And then yesterday on the News, Mexico boasted of their coup in seizing 105 tonnes of cannabis with a street value of £215million, and burned that, too.
The funny thing is they had to do so gradually, so that everyone within a 20 mile radius didn't end up stoned.
But the pall of black smoke was nevertheless ozone hostile.
Now, I don't wave my arms about things like this because I'm Mr Greenpeace. I just get confused because I don't think any of the governments are sure what they want to do? One day they're having a G20 summit and getting angry about China's smoggy output, and the next they're applauding Mexico for doing something like this.
Very odd.