Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need Another Book: After enjoying Adam Nevill's 'Apartment 16' novel, (novel's nevill? - nevill's novel?), there is nothing here to take my fancy.
Big mistake!
So I spend the evening with Mrs B, watching soaps.
This is what husband's are supposed to do. (Kiss my ringer-dinger, I say!)
And in Eastenders, they're having a massive punch-up, in Corrie, Gayle still looks like they threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth; (some say she's ET's mother!), and I'm sitting there, stunned.
Why does crap like this grip a whole Nation?
Why do other people's lives, (similarly on Big Brother, which, thankfully, Mrs B has never been keen on), fascinate us?
Why are there millions of sofas and armchairs bunged up with families sitting there in nail-biting silence watching that bloody box awaiting the cliffhanger which will be about as thrilling as peeing ones' underpants.
I MUST order a book from Amazon TODAY!