Friday, October 08, 2010

A Second Bite: It's always nice when summer refuses to give in to autumn, and hangs on as long as it can. But the leaves are starting to turn, and some are falling off the trees like Mother Nature's confetti.
The massive pear tree at the top of the garden here always tells the tale of the seasons. Alive with bees on the clouds of blossom in the spring, the fruit gradually developing, and then dropping now with the leaves.
The pears are rock hard, and only take to slow stewing, so most of them go to waste.
Some old feller called from the adjacent country walk, to ask if he could have any fallers? I said if he could pick them up, or grab them from the tree, they were his.
Other than that, the rooks and magpies sit aloft pecking at them, especially in dry weather, trying to find some moisture.
Everyone has to have their share to enable the circle of life to continue.