Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thumbs Up For The 1664 Ad: With obvious shades of 'Whorehouse Blues' within its structure, the treat of seeing and hearing Motorhead's 2nd acoustic outing with 'Ace Of Spades' on the Kronenbourg advert was and still is, via You Tube, quite a treat.
No doubt fans would be divided, but since the heady days of MTV's 'Unplugged' series, it has always been in mind that Motorhead, playing a one-off, filmed, and recorded acoustic set, would be an excellent avenue for the band to explore.
Yes, we have loved them since Day One for their bludgeoning VOLUME, but such an outing would be quite a fun thing to do from their perspective; and a different aspect for us to enjoy when the mood struck.
Aforementioned 'Whorehouse Blues' has proven to be something of a showstopper, and a jaw-dropper for fans in the audience who had not kept up with the albums, and were experiencing acoustic Motorhead for the first time.
When asked why Motorhead had never performed Unplugged? Lemmy said: 'Because no one has asked us to.'
Well, Kronenbourg asked, and they got, as we in turn have, and the result is very favourable, thank you very much.