Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday Shed Head: With such trash on TV, Discovery Shed was a welcome addition to the listings. We get Rico Daniels doing his Salvaging, Alan Herd doing his master carpentry and barge programmes, (but what have barges and sheds got in common?), and right at the beginning, we had 'Shed Heads;' which seemed quite natural
Shed Heads featured two blokes putting sheds together, either bespoke, ready made, tree houses, or repairing an old shed which needed an uplift. I managed to see one or two of these, and then what do we get on Discovery Shed? Fishing programmes. Since when has fishing had anything to do with sheds? After going fishing once as a kid, and coming home fishless, cold, wet, and miserable, it has never appealed.
So an actual shed or carpentry programme is welcome, rather than fishing, which our son-in-law enjoys. That is odd in itself. He father's our 6 grandchildren, and then decides he likes fishing, and disappears for the day now and again. Five day's a week at work for a man is enough away from the kids, she shouldn't let him have another, he needs to give her a break. But agreed, he takes some of the grandkids with him now and again, and he's a better father than I was, so good on him.
This afternoon they had a run of Shed Head programmes, so I made a mug of tea and sat and watched a few. They are great. But one of the presenters, Ricky Tate, needs to hone his presenting skills, drastically! Never a lover of the word basically, Tate litters the programme with this infuriating word, which is a wasted word, anyway, and any spoken or written English language will stand up just as well when it is not used. It's just a handy word, often used when the speaker is a bit nervous, to fill in a gap to allow the brain time to think about what's coming next. Our daughter uses "And I turned around and said" with equal abandon, which is just as annoying. And it's not me being cranky, but at one point in the programme, Tate used the word 6 times in under a minute! Overkill or what!
Other than that, Mr. Tate and his pal put on a great programme, and they are both very knowledgeable in what they do; but basically, if he could cut out the word basically, it would basically be far better and more enjoyable. He also does that village idiot thing with his tongue poked out the corner of his mouth when he's working, but I can put up with that, I think.
A work colleague used to use 'basically' a great deal 5 or 6 years ago, said he caught the habit of using it from his daughter. It annoyed me, and Simon, another work friend, so he and I got together, and each time the word 'basically' was voiced, we shouted out C**T! at the top of our voices; and he soon stopped. I wonder if it would work for Ricky Tate?
Sheds are a man thing. And on a Simon Mayo programme about allotments, an elderly Welsh lady stood outside her allotment shed and said: "I don't know what my Dyfed does in the shed, but he spends an awful lot of time in there?"
Sheds are a man thing, all right.