Friday, August 06, 2010

Original Motorhead Collector's Guides: There are 2 listed here - for £82 and £132 respectively, and a couple more on Amazon for £61.
Silly money.
With Mick's updated version coming along later in the year, for under £20, I am sure it will go like a rocket.
As mentioned in the fanzine, my Motorhead books will also be along later in the year, and they ought to be pretty good, too. I say ought, because I haven't a clue what the finished products will look like, but if they're Motorhead, they're going to be pretty special, anway.

Logging on here to write this, the headline banner on the page was something about the whole Mitchell clan eaving Eastenders and Albert Square.
Can we ever be that lucky?
Will there be anyone of note still be there if they do?
Mrs. B watches it.
I spend the time reading.
But there was an enjoyable piece of escapism on BBC last eveing, called 'Mistresses.'
It was rather good, as I enjoy these mind-boggling presentations, like 'The Usual Suspects,' and 'Jacob's Ladder' where the plot seems to be endlessly confusing, but makes sense in the end. Mistresses is on for 4 weeks, and with last evenings being the first episode, it'll probably be on the BBC iplayer if you fancy catching up. The acting, filming, plot, and everything about it is superb, so don't let my 'endlessly confusing' comment put you off. It just takes some concentration to pick up on each family, and what they're all about, and get it settled in your head, that's all. Joanna Lumley is in it as a rich mother to one of the four women who are the main protagonists.
Worth looking at, I'd say.