Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Seeing This Kindle: technology on Amazon's main page, it looks to be the future for reading books. And having the ability to hold 13,000 novels on its hard drive, it will cut down on complaints writers like Stephen King and JK Rowling get from the greenies, asking if they feel guilty over the number of rain forests their books have cost the planet?
But even I, in my humble world of becoming published, now have to sign the contract agreeing to the books being uploaded for Kindle. And if I refused, there would be no deal on the table, so it must be seen as the way to go for the future.
Plus, the kids these days are forever gazing at screens of one sort or another, so they will feel more at home with an electronic gizmo, rather than ficking through the pages of a paperback.
Presumably, there will be copies printed as tangible books even when the world is fully Kindle'd, otherwise, how is an author going to display his output on the bookshelf of kudos?
And of course, the libraries will disappear. All there will be remaining is a huge download data-bank where everyone can log-on and get hold of any book they fancy.
All very sci-fi, isn't it.
And scarey.