Sunday, July 25, 2010

Darting In And Out: Well, due to timing, yesterday's Motorblog ended up alongside Friday's, but not to worry.
Phil Taylor despatched Simon Whitlock 17 - 6 last evening. All power to The Power, he beats his rivals psychologically before they have even thrown an arrow, his reputation preceeds him, and opponents tremble in their boots and play like amateurs. All well and good, but as I said before, a bit boring to watch.
The Final today with Taylor vs Barney.

Sam Elms, a 19 year old young man who wrote a book about our local South Lytchett Manor, where I went to school, held a local book launch yesterday at the Lytchett Minster Parish Rooms. As I mentioned to Dorset Button Shop owner, Thelma Johns, I hadn't been inside the building since about 1961, when it was our junior school canteen.
Sam did an Author Talk for our Friends 4 Upton Library back along, and invited me to this more official "do."
It was fun, with a lot of local people there, and I met up again with old school friend, Mike "Paddy" O'Hara. So we had a great time reminiscing. Another couple sat down at our picnic table whilst we had a cuppa tea, who recognised me from various local features, and my letters, in the local Daily Echo. They were nice people, and the whole event was slightly over-subscribed in relation to the fairly compact Parish Rooms. But at a local event such as that, it's better being over-subscribed rather than under, and the event went very well, even though Sam was so busy speaking to people, I didn't get the chance to even say 'Hi.'